Florida based rental business that rents villas in the privately gated community of Briarwood. Before coming to us they primarily got customers through Airbnb, VRBO and returning guests

Project Date


The Challenge

They had a website that they would get booking requests through but guests had no way of checking availability and booking directly without emailing the property owner. This meant that all direct bookings requests were extremely manual for the owner because they would need to:

  • Check availability
  • Back and forth email exchange before booking
  • Block out requested dates in Airbnb and VRBO (so it can’t be double booked)
  • Request money and deposit
  • Email guest to request all the details that they needed

The Solution

They had a number of requirements of what they needed from the new website. This included the following:

  • They were looking to begin increasing direct bookings while automating a lot of the processes that they currently had.
  • Since they are also renting through Airbnb and VRBO it was vital that the website automatically synced the calendar.
  • They also had multiple properties so wanted to be able to showcase both properties on one website.
  • They also wanted a solution that is scalable as they are planning on expanding their portfolio of properties.
  • They also wanted to be able to take payments directly from the website.

With our own booking website we have been able to save $1000s in commision fees, give discounts to guests booking direct and automated a lot of our processes

Anne Bornebusch
Rental Property Owner

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