The Maine Cabins is a company that has 3 beautiful cabins in Maine that they rent to guests that are trying to reconnect with nature. Before we started working with them they primarily got customers through Airbnb, VRBO and returning guests

Project Date


The Challenge

The Maine Cabins had 3 successful instagram accounts for each of their properties in Maine. They were doing well on Airbnb with amazing reviews and happy guests and wanted to start taking direct bookings but didn’t know where to start and when they would take direct bookings from returning customers would have to do it manually. They ideally wanted to be able to offer direct bookings but didn’t want to have to do them manually or worry about double bookings on their OTA listings.

The Solution

They had beautiful pictures and videos of their properties so we wanted to make these front and center so guests would get a great feel of properties even before they arrived.  We provided a website that:

  • Allowed guests to check availability on all of the properties
  • Allowed guests to pay for their stay through a number of different payment methods
  • Automatically send their welcome book to guests once they book
  • Automatic calendar syncing with VRBO and Airbnb (to avoid double bookings) 
  • Dynamic pricing based on the time of year
  • Automated emails sent to guests

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